What stories echo in the woods?

What has happened to the lovers that carved their names into trees along the trail near my hometown in Ohio? I found it amazing the number of beech trees on a trail where people have been carving their names and initials for 40 years and more. Fascinated by imagining their stories whether of love or loss or just marking their path at that moment. Did Amy + Mike get married and where are they now? What happen to the Green family? Who is JB? So many have hiked through and enjoyed these woods over the years. I felt compelled to document these trees and writings which become graffitti in nature. The experience of walking in familiar surroundings and discovering these conversations in woods generated thoughts, memories and emotions for me as well as reflecting on the others that have passed by before.

There is also the story of damaging a living organism and how they must feel. It’s literally a tattoo that will be there forever. Some of the cuts have started to heal. It’s a delicate balance while creating an interesting juxtaposition for me with my camera between nature and human nature. It’s a beautiful place to hike with the blanket of leaves on the path and the tree canopy still towering over the trail guiding hikers on their individual paths through life. Just curious of their stories?