Grain Elevators

While visiting Denver last month, my brother and I were able to drive along the railroad line that runs from Denver to Greeley Colorado. We were able to explore and document some of the grain elevators and the rural landscape in the small towns along the way. It's the agricultural view opposite the mountains which I wanted to seek out. 

Game 6

Was able to watch the Cubs-Dodgers game outside Murphy's Bleachers on the corner of Sheffield and Waveland on October 22, 2016. Was a fantastic evening spent with Cub's Fans.


The sun and it's shadows at this moment in time caught my eye last week. Many would pass by these natural occurring abstracts the windows create. I seek out subjects that you can't always recognize at first. Of course, I had to go inside to see the orchids.


Spent the evening with my friend Karen, wandering around the Lincoln Park Zoo glazing at the lights and listening to music. Windy and 50 degrees. Thankful for the experiences in the past year and look forward to 2016.